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This site is meant to be a warm and inviting space—the virtual version of hanging out with me. It is designed with friends and loved ones in mind as much as it is with future clients—as though we’re walking along the lake together, or sharing tea and deep conversation on my patio. It’s a little bit different from your usual business site because, well, that’s how I roll.

It’s a place to connect—with me, with each other, and most importantly with yourself. To find a little love. Some inspiration. A few gifts. And hopefully spark some new insights. So, welcome! Explore. Stay awhile. And, as always, I’d love to hear from you.



What does a fulfilled life look like for you? Coaching is about creating your ideal life.

PS: This has always been my favorite part of a letter—the post script. It’s like the wink from across the room, the excited whisper of “Oh yeah, I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about this, dear friend!!”

Not sure where to head next? If you’ve never been coached before and would prefer to read up on it before jumping in head first, go on over to the FAQ. Or, if you have no idea who I am and want to hear about my journey to becoming a coach and get a sense of the heart that ticks beneath, check out my about page. Rather just swim through the freebies? Check out Inspiration, Gifts, and Resources. I’m all about the sharing. We need more of it. (There’s also my blog if you’re looking for more to read.)

Or, you know, you could just keep scrolling. There’s always that.

What are they saying?

…this marvelous woman has a knack for seeing you as you are. Allow me to explain: one of the best things that Heather brings to the table in her coaching is her innate ability to understand – and subsequently unearth – her clients’ unspoken desires and motivations.
M. Cady Macon Chicago, IL
I have never met a more innately and effectively intuitive person than Heather, and she uses this gift in the most articulate and appropriate ways with the clients she serves.
Jodi Wellman Chicago, IL
Heather is one of those rare individuals who is able to say what everyone is thinking but is too nervous to say. This makes her an excellent coach because she doesn’t shrink from any topic. She also has an obviously apparent deep care for everyone and everything in the world…
KC Philadelphia, PA
Heather has mastered the art of getting you to jump off a cliff while feeling safe at the same time — no small feat, especially since I’m afraid of heights!
Kisha Dingle Chicago, IL

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