A love of things handwritten

I miss writing old-fashioned letters. There’s something beautiful about letters written out by hand. No writing, editing and re-writing like you can do with emails. The character of the writer’s handwriting adding personal flair. And the beauty of the time, thought and love the writer puts into it.  I want to capture more of that on my blog. I can’t say that every post will be hand-written, but I do want to play around with this way of sharing.  Warmly, Heather  PS: Another thing I love about handwritten letters — the inevitable ‘post-script’ when you just have to share one. more. thing.  PPS: For anyone who’s ever wondered — it’s ‘PPS’ and not ‘PSS.’ And, last but not least, I also miss how much slower letters traversed between writers — less pressure than texts and emails to hurriedly respond. Savoring. Appreciating. Processing more slowly.

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