A Summer of Spontaneity

'Delays Possible' photo by Heather Luxion

‘Delays Possible’ photo by Heather Luxion

“If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right,
you’ll probably never do much of anything.”
— Win Borden

It’s been a great experience this month, choosing to go at least one new place every day. It’s gotten me to think in new ways — both about the places around me, about traveling to places afar, and about life in general. I love that once a goal or idea is put in motion, it often changes and adjusts in unexpected ways! Case in point…

I was supposed to drive down to Savannah, GA with a friend last week to visit my dear friend Anya. This would mean four days of driving in total to get down and back (breaking it into two days of driving each way), with about four or five days of visiting (two of which were going to mean more driving so Anya and I could head over to Atlanta to visit some friends). A whole lotta driving for just a few days of visiting, but it was the cheapest way to go and I hadn’t flown in about nine or ten years (and had developed a definite fear of flying in the meantime!), so I had become pretty comfortably set in my “roadtrip mentality.”

Until last week, that is! I should also share two other things at this point, the first being that I have long wanted to be one of those people who just decides to travel and then goes for it — just packs a bag, jumps on a plane and jets off! And, I also had a band of friends (literally) who were only going to be in Atlanta until Wednesday morning, so I’d be missing them by just a few days when I finally got to the ATL that following weekend.

Can you see where all of this is leading? Late Monday night things fell through with driving down to Savannah so I slept with thoughts of trying to figure out how on earth I was going to make it down to Georgia. It was a restless sleep that eventually led me to dream out this one particular segment, clear and in color, over and over again: I was in Atlanta, walking into a teahouse owned by good friends of mine, surprising the traveling band of friends down there by arriving while they were still in town. I awoke with one clear question — Should I really do it?!

I can’t say that my decision came all that easily (I “see-sawed” back and forth as I packed), but it did come quite clearly when it came right down to it. I put aside fears of flying, questions over how I was going to pay for it (really, our ties to money can be SO frustrating at times!), and went for it! I flew down to Atlanta that afternoon with my sister Anna (if you’re gonna be crazy, why not do it as a group?!), buying our tickets online just moments before sliding my laptop into my suitcase and running out the door to get to the flight on time.

And, it’s one of the best decisions I think I’ve ever made. It was a moment of, “If not now, when?!” and I’ll always be grateful that I went for it. As I said, it’s inspired me to think of life in expansive, new ways. I’m all the more aware of our capacity to overcome our fears now than I think I’ve ever been, I see just how easy it is to become “that person” you’ve always wanted to be by just jumping in and doing (really, you can do it! just trust and go for it!), and I had a fantastic week surprising friends, meeting new people, and adventuring about the Atlanta metro area. Trust and courage hand-in-hand? Awesome.

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