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Uncomfortable growth

Have you ever been in that uncomfortable place of growth¿ I’m leaving that upside-down question mark, as I hit the wrong combo of keys as I typed out the sentence and it seems to fit perfectly with how I’m feeling…

Being real

This is a coming out – although not in the usual terms of sexual orientation. It is a coming out that I feel like many of us crave deep within ourselves – a “hey, this is me and I am…


I’m introspective, reflective and taking in inspiration from others. To share a few… (Going over 100 words tonight.) “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to…

Really seeing you

When you look someone in the eyes, they become a person. I think it’s easier to call the guy who cut you off an asshole, the hateful commenter on that article a complete idiot, or even to walk by that…


Tonight I went to the ‘One of a Kind’ art show in Chicago, which is 600+ creative geniuses together selling their one-of-a-kind pieces. Admittedly, I got caught up in my head at first about money – feeling like I was…


You know those friends, the ones where you reconnect and all becomes right in the world again? That’s what I’m basking in at the moment. In other words… “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are…

I miss writing old-fashioned letters. There’s something beautiful about letters written out by hand. No writing, editing and re-writing like you can do with emails. The character of the writer’s handwriting adding personal flair. And the beauty of the time, thought and love the writer puts into it. I want to capture more of that on my blog. I can’t say that every post will be hand-written, but I do want to play around with this way of sharing. Warmly, Heather PS: Another thing I love about handwritten letters — the inevitable ‘post-script’ when you just have to share one. more. thing. PPS: For anyone who’s ever wondered — it’s ‘PPS’ and not ‘PSS.’ And, last but not least, I also miss how much slower letters traversed between writers — less pressure than texts and emails to hurriedly respond. Savoring. Appreciating. Processing more slowly.

A love of things handwritten

Number 10 by Philippe Lemoine

KIOSB D12: An Absolute of 10

  Ten things I absolutely know for sure is the Kickin’ It Old School Blog-a-thon prompt of the day, so here goes… My family is amazing. All people should be treated as true equals. Water is awesome, and very powerful….

Pride and Prejudice Heart Brooches by House of Ismay

Blossoming Creativity in Tight Spaces

  I went to a performance of Pride and Prejudice at Northwestern University this weekend, and came away with a renewed appreciation for the creativity of telling stories on stage. And of the telling of stories in general, really. It…

Heels by Ed Schipul

Ballroom Ponderings:
Random reflections after dance class

Last night after a waltz class at one of my favorite dance studios, I found myself pondering some of the more-than-just-dance learning that came out of the class. Here’s one thought in particular that I want to share: Accepting praise…

Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom. -Phyllis Theroux

Quotes to Inspire:
Mistakes = Bridge to Wisdom!

Heather Luxion, arms outstretched, looking over Lake Michigan

Musings on Gender Equality
(The Start of Something Bigger)

“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” ― Gloria Steinem As I’ve found that my personal writer’s block grows ever larger the longer I go without posting, I am leaping into the…

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