KIOSB D20: A Meme of Firsts

Prime Number by Mike Cogh

Prime Number by Mike Cogh


A meme of firsts to wrap us this work-week of Kickin’ It blogging prompts…

Your First Job: Newspaper delivery, 9 years old, loved it, won a 10-speed bike!

First Thing to Your Left: Heating pad

Something You Remember About First Grade: I was at a Montessori school and we had grades 1-6 all together in one huge room (about 32 kids), so grades 1-3 (when I was there) are blurred together for me. But one memory was doing spelling tests with the upper grades because of my reading level. (On the flip side, I can also remember a spelling bee in school where I realized I didn’t know how to spell giraffe — had a moment of “two r’s and one f or two f’s and one r?”)

First book you ever read: I have no idea what the first book was, but a childhood favorite was definitely Chicken Soup with Rice for some reason. (I’m going to have to track a copy down again…)

First Thing You Do In the Morning: Hit the snooze! 😉

First Food You Knew You Didn’t Like: Pickles

Your First Memory: First flash of memory is an image of my playroom when I was a toddler living in Texas.


This post is part of a Kickin’ It Old School Blog-a-thon taking place throughout the month of December 2013. Anyone is welcome to join in anytime during the month! And, you can find all of my KIOSB posts hereDay 20/31

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I really enjoyed reading your memories! Winning the 10-speed bike must have been quite a moment of pride and happiness.


Heather, I love your enthusiasm for that first job! I bet you ZOOMED on that 10-speed. Also, I love the photo you posted for this entry. Beautiful!


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