Monthly Theme/Goals – June!

'Goal Setting' photo by Angie Torres

‘Goal Setting’ photo by Angie Torres

For the last few months I’ve been setting a particular theme for each month, with corresponding goals to match said theme. March was all about health and wellness (goals included taking a 15-20 minute walk first thing every morning and adjusting to waking up earlier). The idea behind April was widening my local social circles, so goals included trying new social outlets and going out for purely social purposes at least two or three times every week (trying to meet at least three new people at each place!). And May brought about major spring cleaning, finishing off old to do lists, clearing old beliefs, and other such greatness with the theme of cleansing. (Good stuff!)

Annnd, now June is all about going to places I’ve never been before. It can be anything from checking out local spots that are new to me (today was pretty chill with a visit to the one branch library I’d never been in before) to traveling to, and sightseeing in, whole new areas (I’m headed down to Georgia for about a week or so near the end of the month). Early summer-like weather here has brought about an intense desire for new adventures for me, so this is my way of fulfilling that desire on a daily basis (without, you know, having the ability to jet off to a new country each day!).

Part of this goal for June also includes keeping myself accountable and tracking my newly visited spot (or spots) each day by posting something about it, either over on twitter or here on this blog (depending on how newsworthy — or not — it really seems to be!).

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