Musings on Gender Equality
(The Start of Something Bigger)

Heather Luxion, arms outstretched, looking over Lake Michigan

“A feminist is anyone
who recognizes
the equality
and full humanity
of women and men.”
― Gloria Steinem

As I’ve found that my personal writer’s block grows ever larger the longer I go without posting, I am leaping into the pool of vulnerability and get-over-it-ness by sharing a short piece I journaled earlier today (so, you see, it’s not so much a block of writing, but a block of sharing)…

I was just sitting here thinking that I have a lot of masculine qualities and that’s a bit of why I want to see gender equality. Because to me gender equality really means breaking away all the stereotypes and labels that define what is “feminine” and what is “masculine,” and allowing people to just be their full selves without defining them according to their gender or sex.

I was also thinking about this in relationship to… relationships. Specifically in dating and marriage. My defined “masculine” qualities seem to have made me appear as “one of the guys” to “the guys” as a teenager and adult. While I have greatly appreciated my male friends and our ability to connect, hang out, talk about anything, etcetera, I have never wanted to feel as though this precluded me from being seen as a woman at the very. same. time. I want to be all of me, without limitations of labels, and I want that to be accessible to everyone else as well!

I feel like we have a long way to go, turning our views completely upside-down, shaking them out, and starting over from scratch. No more of this namby-pamby pretending we’re making great strides in equality, when really we’re just taking tiny, tiny steps away from masculinity-celebrated workspaces, political arenas, etc. (More on this at some future point.)

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yep. same questions here, plus: how can i be fully respected as a peer without losing more and more of the feminine aspects of me?


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