Quick tip: Moving goals forward

Feeling like you lose track of your long-term goals while getting caught-up in the day-to-day? Choosing just 3 to 5 areas of focus can help you move your goals forward on a daily basis.

For example, say you want to lose weight, start a new career path, and learn a new language. These are all big goals that can be daunting on their own, let alone all at once! However, taking a few minutes each evening to set one simple goal in each area for the next day can help you move forward even amidst a currently busy schedule. In this case, it could be as simple as…

Weight loss: Take a 15-20 min. walk over lunch
New career: Research one possible degree program
Learning Italian: Work on three new vocabulary words

Together these could take less than an hour. Depending on your time and availability, you could fit more or less into your day in each area. The idea is to keep it manageable and to keep your goals moving forward a little bit at a time each day. (It also allows you to skip a day here and there knowing that you’re still going to achieve your long-term goals!)

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