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This is the start of a work-in-progress, creating a stockpile of resources available free online. Please check back as I continue to add more.



This isn’t just a random list of free meditations available. I have personally used and appreciated at least a small handful from each site listed and recommend these as a solid starting place for finding free guided meditations online. That said, I haven’t listened to every meditation on every site, so please take these recommendations with a grain of salt (personal preference!), and make your own opinions on which ones do or do not serve your needs.

Free Mindfulness Meditations from UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
A great first-glimpse at Mindful Meditation, if you’ve never tried it before. I found these meditations to be particularly fascinating, as I came across them just after considering writing my own guided meditations and the first one I listened to said things I had thought of! So, I highly recommend following your gut / listening to your own sense of intuition as you’re deciding whether or not meditation will help you at this current time, which meditations to listen to, etc. Also, check out the rest of the site if you’re interested in taking a course in Mindful Meditation (costs associated).

Free Guided Meditations from Fragrant Heart: Heart Centered Meditation
If you’re looking for a large range of guided meditations, this is a great place to start. These meditations cover everything from healing to self-esteem to love to stress relief. And, if you’re having a hard time fitting meditation into your day, be sure to check out the couple “bite-size” 1-2 minute meditations towards the beginning of the list. There are also a handful of free meditation courses available. The woman who created and recorded them, Elisabeth Blaikie, has a very calming, soothing voice. Oh, and major plus if you enjoy a lovely New Zealand accent!

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