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Fearless and deeply committed to both her craft and to helping you win, Heather kept me on my toes and never let me settle for less than I knew I truly deserved. Heather has mastered the art of getting you to jump off a cliff while feeling safe at the same time — no small feat, especially since I’m afraid of heights! Her experience, passion and genuine excitement for me living my best life was infectious and I was amazed at how something as seemingly underrated as tuning into my deeper purpose gave my life a richer and more focused meaning. Heather’s power and dedication as a coach is unmatched not just for me, but all of her clients.
Kisha Dingle Chicago, IL
Talking with Heather was so helpful in changing my perspective about my current and future careers. In such a short amount of time, Heather was able to go to the heart of the matter, ask insightful questions and offer constructive feedback. I feel more at peace with where I am right now and where I’m headed. Thank you Heather!
Angeline Widmer Milwaukee, WI
Heather is a skilled and experienced coach who I’ve had the pleasure to work with during this past year. She brings to the table her boundless enthusiasm for your success, deep listening skills and her spot on intuition. I highly recommend coaching with Heather.
Matt R. MI
Heather is an awesome coach! She’s skilled at asking powerful questions that made me think differently and explore new perspectives on my life. She’s warm, positive and spirited with lots of compassion. Heather’s coaching was like being held gently in a safe container; she creates a wonderful environment for change and growth. She’s a good blend of smart, savvy coach mixed with tenderness. I’d recommend Heather as a coach to anyone!
Maureen Glass Westmont, Illinois
I had the opportunity of working with Heather and I can’t say enough about the experience. Heather brings a passion for helping her clients live their version of a Big Life…and she does it with curiosity, empathy, insight and the skills of a seasoned coach. She won’t let you off the hook if she thinks you’ve taking the easy way out, and she’ll hold you accountable for your goals – Heather’s the kind of coach you deserve!
Bill Bunkers Chicago, IL
Heather is one of those rare individuals who is able to say what everyone is thinking but is too nervous to say. This makes her an excellent coach because she doesn’t shrink from any topic. She also has an obviously apparent deep care for everyone and everything in the world that she is able to distill down to her work with her clients in the most compelling way.
KC Philadelphia, PA
I started working with Heather right at the beginning of a huge transition in my life. I was preparing to move across the country, go full time in my private practice, and start a coaching certification. I was overwhelmed by the presence of the unknown in so many variables of my life. Heather helped me to connect with my deepest truth along the way and dive deep into the lessons I was learning about myself and the world around me. Now, after working with Heather I’ve seen so much more peace in how I do my life. I worry less, have more faith in myself, and feel more confident in my ability to handle anything that comes my way. Heather is highly intuitive, speaks the truth with love, and isn’t afraid to go into the “harder” places that we often are afraid to give attention to. I am so grateful for my time working with her and will definitely continue to utilize her as a resource in the future!
Abby Howard Denver, Colorado
There are simply not enough wonderful things that can be said about Heather. I can mention her amazing sense of intuition and how incredibly well she reads and listens to people. I can mention the warmth and compassion that radiates from her and invites her clients into a safe space which she holds so well. I can talk about the subtle and natural way she weaves together humor and insight into the conversation so that the agenda cannot help but move forward in a positive direction. I can mention all of this and much more, but they are only but a few strands of a much larger tapestry. Together, they create the portrait of not just a consummate coach and leader, but a truly magnificent human being.
Joe LaDuke, M.Ed. Founder and Leader, LaDuke Coaching, Detroit, MI
I had the pleasure of working with Heather through the Coaches Training Institute program in 2014. Heather truly inspires confidence as a coach. She has the ability to see things others miss, the confidence to call out the elephant in the room, and the skill to unlock her clients’ inner passion to change and transform. She has a beauty in her spoken word and uses this so skillfully to draw her clients to a different place. I am full of admiration for Heather as a coach. She is imaginative and purposeful in all she does. Quite simply, Heather is passionate about people and genuinely cares about their life journey. I would have no hesitation in recommending Heather as a coach.
Annette Reid Chicago, IL
Heather Luxion is a simply exceptional coach – but far from simple. I have never met a more innately and effectively intuitive person than Heather, and she uses this gift in the most articulate and appropriate ways with the clients she serves. Time and time again, Heather cuts through the clutter of life and hits issues right on their head. It’s pure mastery, and Heather’s got it nailed. I highly recommend her as a coach.
Jodi Wellman Co-Active Coach
You, the person reading this, are amazing. Yes, you. You have wonderful qualities—you make the world better.
Heather Luxion Purpose Coach, CPCC ♥
Oh Heather… this marvelous woman has a knack for seeing you as you are. Allow me to explain: one of the best things that Heather brings to the table in her coaching is her innate ability to understand – and subsequently unearth – her clients’ unspoken desires and motivations. While she absolutely creates a safe compassionate space for you to unburden your woes in, she’s not afraid to push some buttons – because she knows it’ll help move you forward. There really aren’t enough wonderful things to say about Heather that haven’t already, in some capacity, been said. She’s a rockstar. A+ recommendation in my book.
M. Cady Macon Coach & Creative Strategist, Chicago, IL

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