You are the miracle

I'm here. That's the miracle you've been looking for.

This quote hit me in two ways:

The idea of being enough
This is talked about a lot in personal development work. All humans struggle at some level of, “Am I enough?” Striving for perfection, overdrive towards success, changing who we are to fit in or be loved — these all stem in some way from not feeling like we’re enough as we are. In this moment. Right now. (You are so enough. Btw.)

One way I’ve noticed this has shown up for me personally is, “When do I know I’ve DONE enough?” School assignments, job expectations, chore lists as kids — all of these things trained us to work to a standard of what needed to be done in order for us to feel as though we were complete, enough. As an entrepreneur this can be an acute struggle. When is enough enough?

After many years of overworking, trying to fill this void of “enoughness,” I instead find myself working towards being more conscious and gentle in choosing what I work on in a given day. I want to know that what I’m working on is fulfilling and serving myself or others in some way vs. a blind run towards a brick wall of “heeeeey, am I enough yet?” I invite you to try it — shift your focus for a day to, “What would I love to do?” vs. “What do I think I should do?” and see what happens!

Looking for confirmation when it’s time to make a big leap of faith
I’ve had many conversations with clients around knowing when it’s the right time to move forward on something. Some have been looking for that sign, that clear directive, that motivation, that pistol shot that lets them know, “The race begins! Start now!”

“I’m here. That’s the miracle I’ve been looking for.”

You’re the confirmation. You have it all within you right now. Really, even if your dream requires you to learn new skills or save a certain amount of money or connect with someone or… (the list goes on) …you have the capacity for all of that right now. Or you wouldn’t be here. Dreaming this crazy idea up. You’re here. So, what’s the next step after that? The simplest one you can do today. Take it! Leap!!

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